From the Committee of Aura West End

As members of the Aura Body Corporate Committee, we thank you for your helpful advice and RPC's efficient management of Aura Apartments in West End during your time from 2009 to 2012. We also thank Winton and Charmaine Taylor as our friendly resident managers. We appreicate the rapport we had with you and your employees, especially as a new committee when the developers handed over management of the building, and even more so during the brisbane floods in 2011.

The floods were especially difficult for the committee because, in addition to the general building issues after two basements and four ground floor apartments flooded, three committee members has to manage personal issues around the inundation of their own apartments. In consultation with the committee you managed the difficult task of engaging and negotiating terms with contractors to clean up the building, and you even put on gumboots to clean out the sticky, smelly mud. Once again, thank you for the work you did for us.

Aura Body Corporate Committee